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Explore the world of sanctuary

Sky Forged is an upcoming Extraction MMORPG, setting a new standard for Web3 gaming.

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Introducing sky forged

Sky Forged marks a new era of gaming by developing the world's first Extraction MMORPG, combining classic RPG elements with high-stakes extraction gameplay. Set in the floating city of Sanctuary, humanity's last bastion of hope, players assume the roles of Rift Divers - elite adventurers who travel through temporal rifts to the Earth below, now a wide tapestry of time periods overrun by mutants and raiders.


Face off against other players in Skyreach Arena in fast-paced PVP matches, climbing the leaderboards and earning tangible rewards on your way to the top.

core gameplay features

survive, compete, socialize


Venture into temporal rifts to extract with valuable resources, relics and technology, all whilst surviving against rival Rift Divers and engaging PVE encounters.


Make friends and form alliances in the massive floating city of Sanctuary, own a home and engage in various activities and mini-games, taking a break from the action.

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public pre-sale

 Pre announcement & preparation

 Public pre-sale launch

 Game announcement trailer

 Creation of NFTs
 Token distribution & exchange listing

phase one

skyreach arena

Core gameplay mechanics

 Art direction and world building

 Play-to-earn integration

 Native NFT integration
 Alpha testing & launch

phase two

rift expeditions

 Extraction game development

 Loot system integration

 In-game marketplace integration

 Utility token launch
 Beta testing & launch

phase three


Centralized player hub development

 Seamless integration with all systems

 NPC traders & quest givers

 Player housing & mini-games
 Sky Forged 1.0 launch

phase four

idea creation

Market research

 World building & lore creation

 Gameplay loop design

 In-game economy design
 Play-to-earn system design

completed q1 2024

updated april '24

discover our roadmap

earning potential

Earn $SKYF through in-game rewards.

Mining rewards

Receive $SKYF by providing liquidity.

Airdrop eligibility

For our upcoming in-game utility token.

Decision making

Get involved in the game's governance.

utility overview

$skyf token

june 7th 2024

what sets us apart from web3 games

With Sky Forged, we aim to develop a groundbreaking Extraction MMORPG that promises a unique, engaging, and endlessly enjoyable experience.

june 5th 2024

paving the way for web3 gaming

The promising landscape of web3 gaming is currently mostly dominated by cookie-cutter card games and AFK battlers; it’s time for this to change.


latest news


about our project

  • Skyforged is an upcoming free to play Extraction MMORPG that strives to redefine the gaming landscape of Web3 games. In Sky Forged, you assume the role of a Rift Diver - an elite adventurer who travels through temporal rifts to the Earth below. Here you'll find engaging and dynamic PVPVE encounters set across numerous different time periods, each with their own unique setting, loot pool and gameplay mechanics. It is your goal to survive and make a safe extract back to the floating city of Sanctuary. Sanctuary serves as our main centralized player hub. It is here where players can craft, upgrade and explore, engaging in various activities such as mini-games (both for leisure and glory), quests and player owned housing. This just scratches the surface of what we plan to do with Sky Forged, take a look at our white paper for the full rundown.

  • As expected from a Web3 game, Sky Forged will feature robust play-to-earn mechanics and NFT integrations, operating on a fully decentralized player-driven economy. In Sky Forged, players can earn tokens and NFTs by progressing through the game, participating in community events, climbing the leaderboards and wagering against other players. These rewards can be used to trade other players for in-game items and assets, as well as being interchangeable for cryptocurrencies or cash on various exchanges, empowering players with full ownership over their digital assets.

  • $SKYF serves as the primary governance token for Sky Forged, allowing players to vote on decision-making processes, gain eligibility for upcoming airdrops and earn the token by providing liquidity or playing the game. You can read the full rundown in the "Tokenomics" section of our white paper.

  • During the public pre-sale, $SKYF is purchasable directly through our own website by navigating to this page. Please note that we do not currently offer any other means of purchasing the token.

  • Yes. Holding $SKYF may provide you with various benefits such as voting rights on the decision-making processes and direction of the game, airdrop eligibility for our upcoming in-game utility token and access to the liquidity mining rewards pool, should you choose to provide liquidity for our token on a DEX.

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